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Pak-India Relations

Pakistan certainly cannot afford a war on its eastern border while it is already in a war like situation on its western border and in some part of federally administrated tribal areas. Some days ago a Pakistan Solider was killed by Indian Border Security Forces in cross fire. Who opened the fire, who broke the ceasefire, who started the action first is not the question. But the question is, whether this is going to be in the favor of Pakistan or not. Pakistan has 796,095 KM area and 18M population but its Gross Domestic Product (Purchasing Power Parity) is 27th while India’s GDP is 4th according to IMF rankings released for 2011. It is worth mentioning here that higher the GDP is, the country is in more stable position. It can easily afford wars, crises or other situations and people are less affected. During this 5 year government alone, GDP growth is dropped significantly. Inflation is multiplied. Electricity, Natural Gas, Oil and other shortages are common in the country. In this situation, we can not afford another war with comparatively stable neighbor. A few months ago, I was very happy with the renewed visa policy with India, in which permission was awarded to visit more cities on a single visa and other restrictions were voided or eased. Also trade policy was renewed. But suddenly things have changed rapidly that today I heard on a news channel that Indian Command is ready for an air strike which is so fearsome.

By living in a mega city Lahore, which is also on the Indian border, it is very dangerous during a war to survive and while both countries are nuclear powers, it makes the scene more dangerous.

The wise solution would be to sit on table and clear the doubts about each other and join hands to take part in the progress of technology in which both countries are already significantly behind than European and North American countries. I pray to Allah that no such incident happen again on the both sides of Pak-India Border and that peace process move further.

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