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Chashma Tour (Part I) – Lahore to Kundian

Plans were made and cancelled one after another to tour Chashma Barrage on the western end of Pakistani Province Punjab, situated on Indus River; longest river in Pakistan as well as South Asia, 9th longest in Asia and 22nd longest in the World and 29th in world by average discharge. Finally I, Qasim and Hasnain decided to jump in the pool, yeah we decided to go to chashma to give it tribute of its vastness, loneliness, wilderness and of course beauty. 

On Thursday, 27th December 2012, we started our journey from homes to Niazi Bus Terminal near Yateem Khana Chowk and had a light (not really) breakfast of pratha and omlate from the shop shown below.


Then we boarded to Niazi Bus planned to leave terminal at PST 10:00, and guess what, unexpectedly it left on time, exactly 10’o clock on my phone. We were seated on last seats of the Bus, to our sorrow. 😦


But we were happy to have a long wished tour and yes plan to eat river fresh fried fish on Chashma Barrage. Bus was not at all in good condition especially on the roads which lead to Mianwali and Kundian and Chashma afterward. This bad news was broken immediate after the bus started its journey on motorway as it started producing voices and giving us see-saw feeling. But yet it was comfortable due to controlled-access highway. We reached and passed through M1.


Motorway was smooth and we felt no problem traveling on it. Near Sialmor, bus left the motorway and started travelling on Lahore-Sargodha Road. Lahore-Sargodha Road is being expanded from 2 lanes to four lanes so is under construction. Two way traffic was traveling and as it was not carpeted road so was bumpy on occasions. We enjoyed passing through Kinnow gardens and farms contained newly cropped wheat plants. 🙂


And to our surprise, bus was not passing through Sargodha city, not even having a stop over at its historical terminal to board more passengers but were on Sargodha by-pass and it was the worst part of our whole journey, we forgot our tummies and stopped talking. We were feeling in sky constantly hitting by free-moving asteroids in space and jumping from one position to another. All our breakfast was digested immediately and we were in deep trouble. Then came Jhal Chakian and like all bad times, bumpy road passed away finally and took our breaths with it. River Ravi and River Chenab are not new things for us during journey but crossing River Jhelum from a bridge other than Motorway Bridge is rare thing for us.


We passed from Khushab, Jauharabad, Quaidabad and Wan Bhachran to reach Mianwali as the bus was going to Isa Khel, KPK. We said goodbye to bus and passengers and took little rest in waiting room on bus terminal and used their below average restroom. Mamun (Uncle) Safiullah called us to reach Watta khel chowk, we arrived there and after about five minutes wait Mamun arrived. We boarded the car and continued our journey to Kundian. On Masoom Chowk, car stopped and we stepped out to have lunch in Masoom Restaurant and to our bad luck, it was the worst meal we took in our entire journey. Rice (Biryani) was overcooked and was looking like meal of sick people. Chicken Karachi was tasty and I noticed one thing different from Lahore restaurants, that they waste many flat breads. Waiters bring hot breads and unused breads in plates become useless after refilling. It should not happen. Tea was not good too, a lot of sugar. Mamun granted too many galian (abuses) to Restaurant Owner for such a bad meal and he gave a smile in return, he was such a Chawal (non-sense) guy. And then we reached home. Yes, we felt in heaven and immediately went to our beds to have some warmth and to give little rest to our backs. Qasim was complaining the pain in his lower back but Hasnain was excited about new place but don’t worry he was hurt also. He is not made of steel and concrete. 😉


Hope you enjoyed this, Yes my hands are tired writing post and editing photos, making ready for this publicly accessible post and yes brain tired, remembering step by step procedure. I will write its next episode, Tour-to-Chashma,-A-Beach-like-feeling in  a couple of days. Till then Take Care. 🙂

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  1. January 2, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Awesome. Especially that chu***a Niazi bus

  2. J
    January 2, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    I miss Pakistan 😦
    Hope you guys had a lot of fun 😀
    And I can imagine popsy scolding the poor hotel wala 🙂

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