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World is going to ……

Here I am, sitting and thinking where the world is going towards?

Read the newspaper, and you will read the titles like, “A storm is hitting many US states.”…. “Japan is suffering from Earthquake” and now “Japan and Korea are suffering from a hurricane from Pacific Ocean.” ….. “Pakistan has earned credit of being under-attack from mass force of dengue mosquitoes.”….. “Southern Province of Pakistan, the Sindh and southern region of Pakistani Punjab is suffering from flood.” “US government is buried under a heavy debt and trying to recover.” “Eurozone is suffering from great recession.” “People are dying from hunger in Africa.”….. Is there any place on earth which is currently not facing issues and moreover global issues?

I am from banks of river ravi, the area which has currently the highest number of dengue affected people. Praying daily that dengue disease does not enter in my house. Where a common man should go in such crises? Will people who have authority ever listen to the voice of public? Will there be justice anyway? Will they brake their self-made shells and come out to solve common man problems? This is not the case in just Pakistan? What do you think living in any country of the world? Are your politicians listening to you? I am not asking for any revolution. I am not asking for any mass change, but I am pointing out the problem whole world is facing. We are all under-attack from our very own governments, very own people we voted for. We are under the heavy debts taken by our current and past politicians for their own good but the ratio of debt on them and us is the same, just because being the citizen of the country to whom the debt was given.

I hope there will be good some day…

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