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Bad luck or what?

In 1998 Fifa World Cup, Brazil was heading to the final stages of championship. On the other side of the table, France was also active and I was never in the favor of France since I used to love Brazil for its quality game play. France made a move to final by overcoming Croatia in the semifinals, and I was totally shocked what happened? And yes according to my wishes, Brazil reached into the finals.

On the day of final (actually night, better to say midnight of summers in Pakistan), me with all my brother, may be first time in my life waited this long in night to watch the final. Everything was according to my wishes and my final wish for FiFa world cup was to see Brazil as champion. But that day things went wrong and eventually France was the winner of FiFa World Cup 1998. I felt so bad that I could not sleep at all that night [rest-of-the-night].

In the final of 1999 Cricket World Cup, I was hoping Pakistan will perform superbly and will win this world cup too. But when Pakistan as opposed to the pitch conditions chose to bat first after winning the toss. I got the point that Pakistan is not going to win today and once again my wishes are not going to fulfill. Pakistani team was destroyed by Shane Warne with his 4 key wickets and Pakistan was all out for just 132 runs in 39 overs. This was nothing but a piece of cake for and they got it for the loss of just two wickets.

From that time, I stopped wishing for sports…. and then came the 2011 world cup. I was hoping that Pakistan will be knocked out in initial stage or if it sneaks through. It will loose in quarter final stage. But amazingly, It gained top position in group to make wish that Pakistan win the World Cup…. And to give a pre-world-cup situation of my heart, I wished that even if a Kala-chor (Night Theif) would win I will be happy but not India. But when Pakistan made through to semi finals after beating Australia, Sri Lanka and other minnows in group stage and West Indies in quarter final stage, I wished Pakistan make it through to final and lift cup. But as the topic of my blog demands…. Pakistan lost to India. Not only this, India was the winner and my Kala-chor left me in darkness with my bad luck.

Not only this, I wished in IPL 2011 Season that any team would win but not Chennai (Team of Dhoni)…. and same happened here, Chennai won the season by whitewashing on my wishes.

Currently in UPOpen 2011, my wishes were with Roger Federer and I was against Rafael Nadal in semi-finals but inverse happened. Federer lost to Djokovic and Nadal won from Andi Murray. But at last my wishes for Kala-chor became true when Nadal lost Djokovic. In this particular scenario, Djokovic was the Kala-chor however he does not look like Kala-chor but I am happy with this Angry Kala-chor.

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